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Missoula’s Most Trusted Concrete & Excavation Company

Our highly-capable and skilled crew can help with every aspect of your project from site prep to excavation to concrete. We use the latest technology and each of our employees receives ongoing training to ensure quality service.

When you need help with your residential build, you are not only hiring a concrete and excavation company, you are hiring years of knowledge about Montana and its landscape. We can help ensure that you know the best location to put your home or building based on our planning. Get an exact site plan before you build. Know exactly what to expect during the build. Hire only one contractor for all relevant work without having to sub out for utilities, planning, excavation, or foundations.

Baer Concrete & Excavation, Inc. is the most trusted choice among Missoula’s contractors. We strive to establish our business as reliable and efficient. Our goal is to save you time and money on each project by providing more services, better equipment, and invaluable knowledge to each project. 


Our Services

In order to best serve Missoula for all possible aspects of your build, Baer Concrete & Excavation, Inc. offers a variety of services. We can help with all phases of concrete & excavation. Have a question? Get in touch.


Baer Concrete & Excavation, Inc. is the most trusted company for excavation projects. 

Our equipment is the newest, most efficient, and advanced equipment on the market. Our employees are highly-experienced and dedicated to seeing your excavation project through. We love what we do.


Baer Concrete & Excavation, Inc. uses only the best equipment for our excavation projects including Guided Excavators with Trimble 2D and Guided Skid Steer with Trimble 2D and 3D.


We offer all phases of site excavation. From 2D or 3D initial site grading to excavating the site, slab prep, and finished grading. Save time by hiring one professional for all your excavation needs.


We also provide full utility/water and sewer/septic services. Our staff is fully licensed, has completed the necessary training. We are specially certified to hook into a city main. Our competent employees will get you hooked up without needing to hire out to make the connection. 

Basements & Foundations

Trust your basement or foundation work only with the best. Work with Baer for guaranteed quality and beautiful, flat, refined pours.


We use an integrated Simons Wall Form and Easy Footing Form system. This allows us to provide our clients with an efficient, clean, professional job. Simons Wall Forms leave you with a finished product as smooth as glass. For any exposed piece of concrete in the finished product, this is essential for a beautiful finish.


OSHA safety standards and procedures are strictly followed & enforced to ensure a safe job site for crew and clients.


We can accommodate any height/length of wall.

Residential Concrete & Flatwork

Our flatwork crew, with combined years of experience, can productively and efficiently prep and pour concrete slab of any size in a timely and accurate manner.

We use Laser Screed technology to provide the ultimate in impeccable accuracy.
Our flatwork is regarded as the best in the state.


Our crew is ACI certified and participates in annual continued education classes. Our crew is highly skilled a proficient. They take great pride in the finished product and ultimately client satisfaction.


We can do anything from small sidewalks to large-scale commercial slabs. We work with property owners and contractors alike for all sizes of projects including driveways, decorative concrete, sidewalks, patios, aprons, & retainer walls.


Our crew prides itself on productivity and efficiency. We will prep and pour your concrete slabs in a timely manner. You can expect beautiful, flat, and accurate floors.

Large Scale Laser Screed Commercial Slabs

Baer Concrete & Excavation, Inc. offers uncompromising quality for each commercial slab project. 

With our state of the art Somero S-485 Laser Screed, we are able to productively and efficiently pour any and all sizes of floors both residential and commercial.


Laser screed technology provides ultimate and impeccable accuracy. We are able to pour large-scale commercial slabs for warehouses within an 1/8th of an inch of accuracy.


Laser screed technology provides ultimate and impeccable accuracy. We are able to pour large-scale commercial slabs for warehouses within an 1/8th of an inch of accuracy.

Trimble Technology

Missoula’s only Concrete Contractor that uses Trimble® for layout and foundation setup – providing impeccable accuracy to our clients.

Baer Concrete & Excavation, Inc. uses Trimble® Technology for optimal Speed and Accuracy during our Excavation and Concrete projects. We are there from the start of site prep to the set-up for landscaping. You can save time and money by working with a single company for start to finish projects. Bear provides complete project work which mean fewer discrepancies between two different contractors and more accuracy and assurance for you. Quickly move from Excavation to Concrete within hours with accurate project plans, streamlined project management, and top-of-the-line equipment.


Site Takeoff with Trimble® Robotic Theodolite (a precision optical instrument for measuring angles between designated visible points in the horizontal and vertical plane).


Once you provide us with a site or foundation plan, we can accurately and efficiently provide you with a visual of how your building will sit within your lot. We are then able to easily make adjustments that you’d like within setbacks.


We use the latest satellite technology to create a precise project layout – accurate to within an 1/8th of an inch. Our clients and general contractors see fewer errors and fewer discrepancies with our project plans – resulting in less change management, faster work, and better satisfaction.

Trucking & Hauling

We provide safe, timely, cost-effective, reliable material transfer in the greater Missoula area. 


We take pride in the maintenance of our trucks, which are regularly DOT inspected and kept to the highest safety standard possible. Our drivers are CDL certified and registered with the Federal motor carrier Clearing House. We adhere to a strict zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy.


Baer Concrete & Excavation, Inc. also offers heavy equipment transport in addition to material hauling.

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